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Vulsini Heating Bag Features

Heated massage therapy made easy
AC Powered

AC Powered

Connect VULSINI Heating Bag directly to the mains power supply at work or at home.

Car Powered

Car Powered

Connect your VULSINI Massage Heating Bag to a car adaptor for convenient heating when travelling to a client.

Digital Controller

Digital Controller

Set the temperature of your VULSINI Massage Heating Bag with the easy to use digital temperature controller. 

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

With a power transformer to drop the electricity consumption, VULSINI Massage Heating Bags run on a fraction of the power of the traditional water heaters.

No Water

No Water

Without the need for water during the heating process, VULSINI Massage Heating Bags are easily transportable and safe and tidy to use.

Worldwide Compatible

Worldwide Compatible

Capable of running on 110-240V, VULSINI Massage Heating Bags can be used anywhere in the world.

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About Us

What our customers are saying

I can’t remember exactly when my love of all things VULSINI began but the discovery has dramatically changed the way I am able to offer my heated treatments, particularly for our growing number of ‘At Home’ clients.

Peter RixhamGinger & Juniper

We have loved working with our VULSINI Hot Stone Bag for our mobile treatments. The stones heat up wonderfully quick in the compact and well designed bag, and they stay hot thanks to the life saving car adapter charger.

Aileen CoffeyRemarkable Beauty

I bought my Bamboo Kit + Heating Bag from you last year and I have to say it is a fantastic piece of equipment. It’s neat and compact whilst also acting as a storage bag. Easy to use & clean, transports easily and heats up quickly. 

Margaret TuxfordPreston Therapy Centre

"I am a massage therapist and business owner. I purchased a VULSINI hot stone bag and I am in love with it and the freedom it has provided me in my work. I would love to share this product in my lectures and workshops.

Anna GayheartAroma Stone Massage Therapy

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