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VULSINI Warm Bamboo Massage Bundle

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Introducing our Warm Bamboo Massage Bundle Kit. In this kit you will receive everything you need to get started with Warm Bamboo treatments including the VULSINI Warm Bamboo Heating Bag, 12 Piece Bamboo Massage Stick Set, Warm Bamboo Massage Training Video Download, Ambient Music Download and a bonus 8 Piece Toe Stone Set!

  • Designed + Invented in the UK: Established in 2010 and patented by VULSINI 
  • Waterless Heating: Heat up basalt massage stones, bamboo sticks and Himalayan massage salt stones with dry heat and no mess!
  • Powered by Mains or Car: The VULSINI Bags are powered by both a mains power supply or in the car with the included adaptor
  • Temperature Controller: Adjust your temperature digitally and set a convenient switch off timer

For over 12 Years VULSINI has been trusted by spas, colleges and therapists worldwide to provide revolutionary equipment for Hot Stone + Warm Bamboo Massage.

Package of contents:

  • VULSINI Warm Bamboo Bag
    • 1 x VULSINI Wash-Bag
    • VULSINI Thermometer
    • USA A/C Power Cord
    • Car Adaptor
    • Instruction Manual
  • 12 Piece Bamboo Stick Set
  • Warm Bamboo Training Video Download
  • Warm Bamboo Ambient Music Download
  • 8 Piece Basalt Toe Stone Set

VULSINI Warm Bamboo Heating Bag

Designed to hold all bamboo stick sizes, but also able to fit and heat basalt or Himalayan salt stones for a full body massage, the British designed VULSINI Warm Bamboo Bag requires no water to heat and gives you the freedom to perform a warm bamboo or hot stone massage treatment anywhere. Preheat the VULSINI Bag at home to have the sticks heated and ready for your next treatment.


  • Exterior: 63cm x 22.5cm x 9cm (24.8 x 8.9 x 3.5 inches)
  • Interior: 60.5cm x 21cm x 5cm  (23.8 x 8.3 x 2 inches)
  • Gross weight: 3.5kg (7.7lb)

VULSINI 12 Piece Bamboo Massage Stick Set

Beautifully hand crafted, these 12 solid bamboo sticks are made by steam pressing natural bamboo sticks and shaping them to create smooth bamboo sticks perfect for massage.

  • 1 x Long Bamboo Stick (54cm x 3cm)
  • 1 x Half Long Bamboo Stick (54cm x 3cm)
  • 1 x Medium Bamboo Stick (38cm x 3cm)
  • 1 x Slim Medium Bamboo Stick (38cm x 1.5cm)
  • 2 x Short Bamboo Sticks (16cm x 3cm)
  • 4 x Half Short Bamboo Sticks (16cm x 3cm)
  • 2 x Tapotement Bamboo Sticks (38cm x 2cm) w/ 2 Towels + 4 Bands

Warm Bamboo Massage Training DVD

The Warm Bamboo training DVD demonstrates a 60 minute full body warm bamboo massage treatment using the VULSINI bamboo heating bag. Use this DVD to learn to incorporate warm bamboo into your existing massage routine, or follow the routine demonstrated with close-up video footage and expert narration.

'Warm Bamboo' Music CD

  • Revive the body and mind for an inspiring Warm Bamboo experience
  • Playing time: 57 minutes 54 seconds

8 Piece Basalt Toe Stone Set

  • Approximate size: 2cm - 3cm
  • Heat and place between the toes for super relaxation