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Lava Stone Needle Wand Massage Tool

Lava Stone Needle Wand Massage Tool

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This handcrafted basalt stone tool is the perfect addition for reflexology, acupressure, facial and Gua Sha treatments. Perfectly formed, this tool can be heated with a VULSINI bag or just used as it is in a variety of areas. 
    • Material: Basalt (Lava) Stone
    • Color: Grey/Black
    • Length:13cm (5.11'')
    • Weight: 40g
May assist with:
  • Micro-circulation.
  • Mental relaxation, improving motor function.
  • Relaxing muscles and stress relief.
  • Pain and fatigue relief.
  • Relief for bursitis, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
  • The elimination of excess body fat deposition.