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Introducing the wonders of Himalayan Salt Stones

Introducing the wonders of Himalayan Salt Stones

We have covered several different types of massage in our blogs – hot stone, Cryotherapy and warm bamboo – and now we take a look at Himalayan salt stone massage.

One of the main aims of using Himalayan salt as a base for your massage is to balance your central nervous system, something we could all do with in these testing times.  According to experts, the salt has a profound effect on our body’s electrical system resulting in a balance to your reflex points, meaning you can not only feel the benefits of your massage instantly but they will also increase over time.

There are several different ways you can utilise the Himalayan salt, such as Himalayan Salt Stones which are used in massage, however there are many ways in which it can help your health.  These include easing sore or tense muscles, reducing inflammation caused by injury, increasing your body’s alkaline levels, improving your immune support as well as circulation, improving your sleep quality alongside a sense of deep relaxation.

By using the Himalayan salt stones during a massage you can also balance your nervous system and reduce anxiety.  And by increasing your sense of wellbeing and drawing toxins from your skin you can also use them for exfoliation and detox, something many of us will appreciate as we continue to battle to maintain our New Year’s resolutions. 

Another positive aspect of using Himalayan salt stones in your massage is that you can opt to provide either a deep tissue massage or even a restorative massage.

The deep tissue massage is along the same lines as a traditional massage and can provide relief from tension and stress.  However a restorative massage works with the body to work with your mind, body and spirit to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Many restorative massages last between 50 and 90 minutes and attention is paid to the ears, feet and head.

We have a fantastic new range of Himalayan salt stone massage products including salt stones and massage bars. All stones in our range can be heated in VULSINI Bags and will enhance the benefits treatment and will last longer as the dry heat will not dissolve the stones, unlike if they were used with a water heater. 

Update your offerings to your clients or purchase to use at home alongside our VULSINI at Home range.  

We would love to hear about you and your VULSINI products so remember to mention us in your social media posts.

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